The Activist Journey II: Behind The Scenes Webisode 6a - Goonj : Follow Your Heart

For the second trip to India, other than flight transfers and traveling on the road for the entire day, we also lost our way and the tyre punctured. We were on the roads for 24 hours before we reached the hotel. Venturing into the remotest villages in India, Paige Chua witnessed how the activist use a piece of old clothing to improve the quality of life for the villagers and their chances of reaching their goals in life. 第二次的印度之旅, 除了转机加一整天的车程之外,还迷路,汽车爆胎。在路上奔波了24小时,才抵达酒店。走进印度最偏远的村落,蔡琦慧看到侠客怎么从一件旧衣服开始,改善村民的生活素质,提高他们的人生目标。