The Activist Journey II: Behind The Scenes Webisode 7a - Bali : Their Second Home

On this trip to Bali, Paige Chua meets Jack and Gloria. They come from faraway places, but in the eyes of the locals, they have the same caring hearts a Balinese would have for their homeland. Passionate in helping the local community and even able to speak the local language fluently, they treat Bali Island as their second home. 巴厘岛之行,蔡琦慧认识了Jack和Gloria。他们虽然来自远方,但在当地人眼里,这两名外国人有着与本地人一样关怀巴厘的心。说着一口流利本地话,热衷于帮助本地社区,对他们来说,巴厘岛已成为他们第二个家。