Dangerous Liaisons (Movie Trailer)

Shanghai, the 1930s. At a charity ball for refugees from the Japanese-occupied Northeast, the glamorous entrepreneur and libertine MO JIEYU (Cecilia Cheung) strikes a deal with her ex-lover, the devastatingly handsome playboy XIE YIFAN (Jang Don-gun). Mo’s most recent lover, a tycoon, has dropped her for a young virginal schoolgirl. If Xie takes the girl’s virginity, he'll make a laughingstock out of the tycoon as Miss Mo will give herself to Xie. But Xie has his eyes on a different prize: the virtuous widow DU FENYU (Ziyi Zhang). As the stakes are raised higher and higher, the game becomes increasingly dangerous for everyone involved, particularly when Xie, despite himself, falls in love with Du.