Celeb's A Cook 名厨大冻作: Episode 2

Find out about little known facts about frozen meat such as the advantages of frozen meat, how to choose frozen meat and simple demonstration using frozen meat to whip up dishes in this brand new programme. A celebrity will share his or her own cooking experience in each episode. Most audience will either prepare their meals at home or dine outside but they may not visit posh restaurants or hotels frequently. Chefs are invited to the programme to showcase their tips on preparing fantastic dishes with frozen meat so that normal household can learn to whip up dishes similar to the standard of hotels or restaurants at home too! This programme will also provide basic information regarding frozen meat. For example: the source and freezing procedures etc. With a budget of $30, the host and guest/chef will bring the audience to a supermarket, teaching them how to choose and store frozen meat before proceeding to a hotel or restaurant to prepare the dishes. The ingredients which the host and guest bought earlier will not be revealed to the chef, thus giving him/her a surprise. The chef will have to think on the spot on how to use the ingredients bought to cook a special dish. Here, the chef will give a tip or two on handling the frozen meat. The nutrition values of the dish will be listed in the programme too.  *No Subtitles