The Activist Journey II: NGO Webisode 6b - Gnoonj : Power Of Old Clothes

Sanitary pads are essential for each and every woman during her stage of physiological development. But in India, women who do not have the means to buy sanitary pads use sand, gunny bags or any liquid absorbing items as substitutes. As such, many women die of physiological infections. Seeing the seriousness of this problem, the founder of XX Goonj decided to collect clothes and venture into remote villages and teach women how to make sanitary pads, haversacks and blankets out of old clothes. Thus, a piece of old clothing is more than just a piece of cloth. 卫生棉,是每个女人在生理期不可缺少的东西。可是在印度,由于没有经济能力都买卫生棉,妇女们就用泥沙,麻袋或任何可以吸收水分的物品作为代替品。就这样很多妇女死于生理期感染。 看到了问题的严重性,《回响》组织的发起人安素决定征收旧衣服,走进偏远的乡村,教导妇女如何用用旧衣服做卫生棉,背包,棉被等,也教会她们要有尊严的劳动所得。所以,一件旧衣服,不仅仅是一块布