The Activist Journey II: NGO Webisode 7b - Bali : Bali In Need

When Gloria came to Lovina 16 years ago, she found a side of Bali unknown to many tourists. In the remote mountain areas, she saw poverty, sickness, and the lack of healthcare and education. Appalled by what she saw, she founded Crisis Care Foundation where she hopes to provide healthcare and more to the Balinese people in need. 16 年前,Gloria 来到了罗威那,发现了巴厘岛不为人知的一面。在偏远的山区,她看到了贫穷,疾病,以及缺乏医疗和教育设施的情况。深感震惊的她随后成立了Crisis Care Foundation,希望借此提供巴厘岛人民所需的紧急医疗服务,以及其他更多的关怀。